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Godar Machinery Company

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Godar Machinery Company
Providing all of the needs of your bindery department.

Godar Machinery Company wishes to provide bindery departments with the highest quality parts and supplies
Godar for all of your bindery supply needs.Perforating blades, stitcher wire, drill bits, drill blocks, common Muller parts, and much more is only a click or a call away!

We are your one-stop source for quality Bindery parts and Supplies. Drills, Drill Blocks, Perforating Blades, Cutter Blades, Cutting Sticks, Stitching Wire, Muller-Martini Parts, Paper Suckers, Kluge Parts, and much more.........

Baumfolder Blades


Paper Drill


Binding Wire

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04D-7-050305     Bindery Equipment, parts, supplies Various Various CALL


Godar Machinery Company
John Godar - Owner
25a Crescent Drive #148

Pleasant Hill

State: CA

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Telephone #1: 925 - 687-6161
Fax #: 925 - 687-5222

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