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Company. Nebiolo Printech S.p.A. has been on the world market since 1852. Nebiolo name has been taken from the surname of his founder who, exactly in that year, installed in the suburbs of Turin a small company for the production of print types in alloy of lead.

Later the company started the production of printing machines from the typographic presses to the new sheet-fed and web offset presses. At today the installations from the beginning are nearest to ten thousand units.

The Company has a complete range of machines, both sheet-fed offset presses, covering particularly the publishing industry, converting companies and commercial printing and web offset presses particularly adapt for the high quantity magazines, catalogues and for newspaper firms.

Nebiolo’s potential customers lie in medium-high clientele of the printing world market

Only in Italy, as per statistic, the installation of Nebiolo machines actually running are around 1600.

Since 1994 the Company presents itself with the name of Nebiolo Printech in order to consolidate the respect for the rich tradition of its past and the continuous search for the advanced technical innovations. Nebiolo means “Technology around the man”.

The sales network consists of agents and/or distributors able to guarantee to the customers an optimal technical assistance, after press service and spare parts supplying.

Nebiolo Printech is not only synonym of reliable in the after sale service. In our company there is a technical service with technicians ready for action able to guarantee a very fast reply to our customers around the world. The service guarantee also the spare parts availability also for old machines.

In May 2001 Nebiolo Printech made a very important step by acquiring the paper – mill of Arbatax; called in the near future Girasole S.p.A. – paper-mill of Arbatax a vital impetus in order to give a better and complete service to its customers. One of the two production lines of this paper – mill will start its production in 2002 while the second one is foreseen to enter into production successively. The Arbatax paper – mill will cover 20% of the national market with a yearly production of 130.000. tons of recycled paper for newsprint (gramege paper from 42 to 45 gr.) at a very competive price in the world market . 

Products. Sheet-fed offset presses division: Colora 5000 in size 90x130cm multicolour. Colora 6000 HT in size 100x140cm multicolour with the impression and transfer cylinders double diameter. The new Nebiolo Colora 8000 HQ with advanced technology, in the “jumbo size” 120x160cm. All the machines can be both straight and perfecting and can be equipped with the coating unit. Web offset presses division: the new concept web offset presses Target of 16, 24, 32 and 48 pages (20m/sec) . Packaging division: the new sheet-fed Nebiolo FLEXO machine in size 110x160 able to obtain both on cardboard and on corrugated board an high dot quality; furthermore the new automatic die-cutting and hot stamping machines in size 70x100 and 90x130 cm. Newspaper division: the newspaper printing machine Nebiolo Orient. 

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