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Generally applied attributes such as comprehensive service, quality and attractive prices for us reflect the matter of course in our day-to-day operations.

Our basic philosophy involves the uncompromised orientation on market conditions and our customers' requirements. The long termed international experience of our staff members stands for quick, flexible and unbureaucratic adaption to individual constellations, our worldwide references in this respect will be self-explanatory.

All machines available with us are in active operation and consequently, at any time can be inspected under realistic conditions. Under this aspect we achieve significant savings in storage expenses. This advantage is reflected in unrivalled commercial conditions, which for both sides, sellers as well as buyers, will present new dimensions of an optimised cost-benefit-relation.


Equipment Listing
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Ad I.D. Year Description Manufacturer Model Price (USD)
02A-545-112707 1992 Sheetfed Press Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 F+L 265,000.00 EURO
02A-547-010508 1990   Sheetfed Press Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 ZP CALL
02A-548-010508 2004   Sheetfed Press Heidelberg Speedmaster 74-2 CALL
02A-549-010508 1981   Sheetfed Press KBA SR04 CALL
02A-550-010508 1992   Sheetfed Press MAN Roland Practica CALL
02A-551-010508 2005   Sheetfed Press MAN Roland R 205 E CALL


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